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The South Philadelphia Shtiebel* is a Jewish community initiative in South Philadelphia that is grounded in tradition and fueled by the spirit of the new, and which empowers its community members to be active participants in Jewish life, and Torah learning.
The Shtiebel is a shul but it’s not just any shul. It is only in its first few months, and it is already also a community center, buzzing with spirited Jewish learning, kids playing, new friendships forming, and lively prayer services. It’s a radically accessible space, where both lifetime shul-goers and people who haven’t set foot in a synagogue in twenty years feel comfortable. And it’s a genuinely unique space, a space rooted in halacha, or Jewish law, and also a home for emergent ideas. 


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Imagine this: A storefront on East Passyunk Avenue, a dynamic and busy corridor full of restaurants, boutiques, and shops. One of the storefronts is the South Philadelphia Shtiebel, and with its large and inviting windows, passersby often knock to say hello, to ask about Jewish life, to make connections, to learn together or come to a service. The Shtiebel--a place for gathering, a synagogue, and so much more-- only in its first few months, is already full of regular learning, kids playing, spirited prayer, and all kinds of conversation and community building. 

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Erev Sukkot

Upcoming Programs & Events

Sukkot Morning Services
Monday, Oct 14 9:00a

Candle Lighting

Sunday, Oct 13, 6:07p


Tuesday, Oct 15, 7:12p

Erev Sukkot

Sunday, Oct 13
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Erev Rosh Hashana
  • 10:00a Rosh HaShanah Family Experience in Collaboration with Makom Community
  • 6:29p Candle Lighting
Rosh Hashana
  • 8:00a Rosh HaShanah Services // Day 1
  • 5:15p Family Tashlich at the Singing Fountain
  • 6:30p Mincha/Maariv
  • 7:27p Candle Lighting
Rosh Hashana
  • 8:00a Rosh HaShanah Services // Day 2
  • 10:45a Tot Tefillah // Rosh HaShanah Day 2
  • 5:30p Sarah and the Shofar: A Feminist Look at Akeidat Yitzchak
  • 6:30p Mincha/Maariv
  • 7:33p Havdalah
Fast of Gedalia
    • 6:21p Candle Lighting
    • 6:45p Kabbalat Shabbat + Friday Night Services
    Shabbat Shuva
    • 7:27p Havdalah
    • 4:30p Lessons from a Ghost Ship: A Tashlich Ceremony at Pier 68
    Erev Yom Kippur
    • 6:14p Candle Lighting
    • 6:15p Kol Nidre
    Yom Kippur
    • 8:30a Morning Services and Yizkor (Yizkor and Drasha as early as 10:45 AM)
    • 4:00p Study of the Book of Jonah with Rabbanit Fruchter
    • 4:45p Mincha and Yonah
    • 6:00p Neila
    • 7:21p Havdalah
    • 7:30p Break-the-Fast at the Shtiebel
    • 6:10p Candle Lighting
    • 6:30p Kabbalat Shabbat + Friday Night Services
    • 7:16p Havdalah
    Erev Sukkot
    • 4:00p Sukkot Puppet Sing-Along with Yellow Sneaker Puppets
    • 6:07p Candle Lighting
    • 9:00a Sukkot Morning Services
    • 7:05p Candle Lighting
    • 9:00a Sukkot Morning Services (Day 2)
    • 7:12p Havdalah
    Chol Hamoed Sukkot
      Chol Hamoed Sukkot
        Chol Hamoed Sukkot
        • 5:59p Candle Lighting
        Chol Hamoed Sukkot
        • 7:06p Havdalah
        Hoshana Rabah
        • 5:56p Candle Lighting
        Shmini Atzeret
        • 6:55p Candle Lighting
        Simchat Torah
        • 7:01p Havdalah
        • 5:49p Candle Lighting
        Shabbat Mevarchim
        • 6:56p Havdalah
        Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan
          Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan
            • 5:41p Candle Lighting
            • 6:47p Havdalah


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            Sun, October 13 2019 14 Tishrei 5780